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Limited Edition is Bringing You a New Collection of Wines to Stock the Wine Cellar!

Allow us to introduce the new LE18 Collection…

Limited Edition wines has announced the new LE18 Series. This exclusive series has a wine for everyone, but pay heed, as these wines are set to be released month-to-month from January 2019 through April 2019 and will only be available for a limited time!

Boasting five LE18 wines from regions renowned for their wine-producing grapes, you’ll want to try all of these Limited Edition blends, each one standing-out from the others on their own unique merits and ingenuity.

This new series offers wine lovers a variety of blends, from candid, opulent reds to light and bright whites. Fruit driven, spicy, floral, or herbaceous? There’s a wine in this collection for everyone!

Ready in 6-8 weeks, the following LE18 wines are available for a limited time and only by pre-order.

Read on to see which ones you’ll want in your cellar!

Limited Edition Fumé Blanc (Jan 2019)

Even though “Fumé” translates to “smoke”, don’t expect this wine to possess a smoky flavouring, but rather a different style of dry, oaked Sauvignon Blanc. This wine presents your palate with ripe tropical fruit, tiers of gooseberry and melon, bright acidity, and verdant mineral notes matched with a gentle vanilla oak.

Derived from the very sunny Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand, this Pacific coast vineyard enjoys an annual average of 2,220 hours of sunshine, hot and dry winds, and low rainfall. Hawke’s Bay is one of the oldest and most celebrated wine regions. It has an unsurpassed versatility for viticulture as it is one of the warmest, driest areas of the island, and boasts diverse soil types due to several major rivers running through the region and changing courses over the millennia.

This dry, medium bodied, lightly oaked Limited Edition Fumé Blanc pairs beautifully with goat cheese, seafood platters, and chicken or pasta dishes with creamy sauce and spring vegetables.

Limited Edition Black Cab (Jan 2019)

This Black Cab wine blends Cabernet Sauvignon, a full-bodied red with black fruits, cherry, black pepper and hints of earth with Gamay Noir, a light-bodied red known for its floral aromas and earthiness through tart berries and lively acidity. Combining these two varietals produces a ripe and vibrant acidity and tannins with pronounced cherry and berry flavours balanced with notes of cassis, spice, soft vanilla and subtle earthy undertones.

From the first planted vines in the mid=1800’s, the Lodi, California region has been hailed as a world-class producer of red wine grape varieties. The Lodi landscape presents a Mediterranean climate with a dry growing season of warm days and cool nights. Growers are able to manage irrigation and take advantage of rich granite-based minerals delivered to the soil from two mountain-fed rivers that run through the landscape. The complex flavours that this attributes to the grapes is paramount. 

Black Cab’s dry, medium-bodied, and medium oaked makings pair wonderfully with grilled red meats, pizza, black peppercorn tuna, black bean stews or roasted pepper dishes.

Limited Edition Corazón (Feb 2019)

Corazón, Spanish for “heart”, is an amazing combination of Chile’s signature Carménère grapes, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, and Pais wines. The end result of this combination is a distinct balance of acidity, and of red and black berries in cherry and plum notes, with a pleasant underlay of oak and tannins.

The Chilean Carménère grapes used are grown in the heart of Chile, in the Curico Valley, which has the advantage of mineral rich soil, meltwater rivers, and hot sunny days balanced by cool air at night. These exceptional conditions offer favourable temperature swings, allowing the grapes to ripen slowly for the best flavour, tannin, and colour. As a result, the Carménère grapes proffer a glorious jammy, raspberry and herbal spiced flavour. Combined with the bold cherry of Cab Franc, the intense black fruit of Syrah, and the rustic red fruit and crisp acidity of Pais, this Corazón is an amazing medley for your taste buds.

Limited Edition Corazón is a dry, medium-full bodied, medium oaked wine that pairs well with rosemary lamb chops, beef skewers, or aged cheddar!

Limited Edition Symphony Gewürztraminer (March 2019)

This magnificent combination of Symphony’s peach, apple, and tropical fruit flavours complemented by Gewürztraminer’s lychee notes produces and unsurpassed blend of floral and peach aromas and lush tropical and stone fruit flavours. It is best served chilled to fully appreciate it’s crisp, bright, and expressive fruit and subtle sweetness.

From the Sierra Foothills of California, where the first vineyards were planted in the mid-1800’s by European settlers during the California Gold Rush, and where Gold Rush ghost towns still dot the landscape, growers take full advantage of the rustic and remote region’s terrain of foothills, using their slopes to gain maximal sun exposure. The soil is shallow and contains decomposed shale, granite, and volcanic matter, which makes it not especially fertile or moisture retaining, but does result in the vines yielding less fruit which results in more concentrated flavours.

Symphony Gewürztraminer’s off-dry, light-medium bodied, non-oaked characteristics make it a terrific pairing with spicy Asian dishes and barbecued or baked ham.

Limited Edition Barbaresco with Grape Skins (April 2019)

Barbaresco is regarded as one of Italy’s best wines, made with the loved and respected Nebbiolo red wine grape which exudes aromas of cherry, spice, and toasty oak. It seduces your taste buds with cherry and ripe red berries, licorice, spice, leather, and earthy tones. Boasting balance and structure and velvety tannins, this wine offers an enduring finish.

Dating back to the Middle Ages, Piedmont, Italy claims a history of rich culture revered for winemaking. It is located at the foot of the Alps with a hilly landscape of sunny slopes, lush with vines. Its continental climate provides long, hot summers with thick morning fogs rolling through the valleys bringing cooler air. The rising and falling rhythm of temperatures slows the ripening speed of the Nebbiolo grapes, creating wines with higher acidity, alcohol, and tannin.

Recommended pairings for this dry, full-bodied, medium-heavy oaked Barbaresco with Grape Skins includes grilled or braised meat, mushroom risotto, Ragu Bolognese and mature cheeses.

LE vintages are only available during the month of their release. Winexpert annually produces a limited quantity of five fantastic and unique blends from around the world to be released monthly from January through April. Each year these collections vary and may be one or more of unique blends, industry trends, renowned regions and vineyards, and/or scarce or hard to obtain grapes. No matter what the variables include from one year to the next, you can always be assured that the annual Limited Edition collections will produce superior quality wines that are well worth the pre-order requirement.

Contact Wine Place today to pre-order your LE18 wine of preference!


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