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LE 16: Grenache & Cabernet Sauvignon, Riverland, Australia

Release Date: April 2017 ~ Red Licorice, Black Cherry, Raspberry, Warm Vanilla

With a little bit of aging, this Grenache & Cabernet Sauvignon will please your senses with its smooth and velvety texture!

This full bodied and dry red is oaked and includes skins, which gives it an extra punch of flavour.

The release date for this beauty is in April 2017, and we're taking orders until December 2nd!

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LE 16 Blanc de Noirs, San Joaquin Valley, California

Release Date: March 2017 ~ Crab Apple, Strawberry, White Peach and Grapefruit Palate

Have you ever tried a Blanc de Noirs? It's a unique white wine made from dark grapes, and we're excited that this year's LE 16 is offering this variety for its March feature release!

Blanc de Noirs is a light/medium bodied and off dry wine and pairs exceptionally well with delicate dishes.

Place your orders for this delight by December 2nd to make sure you don't miss out on this one!

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LE 16: Milagro, Valencia, Spain

Release Date: February 2017 ~ Black and Red Fruit, Anise, White Pepper

Milagro is the perfect blend of grape varieties, resulting in a beautifully dry and medium/full bodied red.

This Spanish red from LE 16 will make a great addition to your wine cellar and pairs well with a variety of dishes and cheeses.

Diversify your collection while you still can... We're taking orders until December 2nd and its release date is scheduled for February.

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LE 16: Vermentino, Tuscany, Italy

Release Date: January 2017 ~ White Peach, Green Apple, Fresh Lime

Vermentino grapes produce a refreshing sip worthy wine and hail from under the Tuscan sun!

This LE 16 wine will be released in January and we're excited to offer it as part of this limited edition series.

Trying something new (and lovely) has never been easier...give us a call or pop in to the store to order your batch before they sell out. Orders are due by December 2nd!

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LE 16: Cabernet Franc, Yakima Valley, Washington

Release Date: January 2017 ~ Raspberry, Red Currant and Fresh Mint

This Cabernet Franc will surely be a crowd pleaser and is one of two LE 16 wines to be released in January!

This dry, oaked and medium bodied red shows off the best of Washington state's wonderful wine climate with this grape.

Available by pre-order only, serious wine lovers will be glad they placed their orders before December 2.

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Limited Edition Cabernet Sauvignon Rose: Release Date: February 2017

Passport Series Cabernet Sauvignon Rose, California, Sacramento County ~ Strawberry, Watermelon and Cranberry Accents

This amazing Cabernet Sauvignon Rose will be released in time for Valentine's Day!

Medium bodied and dry, this wine offers a fruity flavour without too much sweetness, and pairs well with just about any meal or does just fine on its own.

This is a limited edition wine from the Passport Series, so don't forget to place your orders before November 18th!

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Limited Edition Riesling, Release Date: January 2017

Passport Series Reisling , Australia, Clare Valley~ Lemon-Lime Flavours, Orange Blossom, Apple Notes

This limited edition Riesling from the Passport Series is subtly sweet and refreshing!

Available to order until November 18th, this is going to be a favourite amongst white wine lovers.

With a release date of January 2017, this wine will be perfect to help you welcome in the warmer months once it's had a little time to age!

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Limited Edition Red, Release Date: December 2016

Passport Series: Syrah, France, Languedoc ~ Blackberry, Black Cherry, Spicy Black Pepper and Oak

This limited edition wine from the Passport Series is the first to be released, with a December release date!

This wine will be one that you'll want to let age for a while in order to best enjoy the complex flavours with your favourite dishes.

Orders for this wine are due by November 18, so give us a call or pop in to order this one of a kind wine.


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